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Steam: AlphineGhost
Twitch: Alphine
Birthday: 1999-02-10
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5 months ago

Hello everyone, we are sorry but the server will be offline since corrupted data infected the server and we are unable to restore this corrupted data. So as the data is not retrievable we are going to go forward with the SEASON III Update. Here are some of the features that will come.


- Replaced Anti-Cheat with a more common and stable anti-cheat
- New spawn and theme
  + Space Themed spawn
  + New ranks to upgrade to
  + More custom items
  + Updated Website theme and Store theme
  + A new way to use world portals
- New Enchantments
- More rewards for voting
- More rewards for linking
  + When you link you get: $1.5K, x2 Rare Keys, and x4 Vote Keys
- Loot generator fixed
  + More loot to find in the survival world
- More mobs
  + The Evil Eye Seeker (Hostile Mob - Everywhere)
  + Knight Hunter (Hostile Mob - Everywhere)
  + Bandit (Hostile Mob - Survival)
  + Bandit Lord (Hostile Mob - Field Boss - Survival)
  + Speedster (Hostile Mob - Survival)
  + Voxel Lord (Hostile Mob - World Boss - End)
  + Voxel Minion (Hostile Mob - End)
  + Dark Minion (Hostile Mob - ???)
  + Armored Zombie (Hostile Mob - Survival)
  + Dark Skeleton (Hostile Mob - Survival and Nether)
  + Demonized Pig (Hostile Mob - Nether)
  + Demonized Sheep (Hostile Mob - Nether)
  + Demon Lord (Hostile Mob - World Boss - Nether)
  + Demon Minions (Hostile Mob - Nether)
- Removed permission based worlds
  + You don't need the permissions to enter worlds from the tokenshop
- New world
  + New Mars world
  + New Mobs
    - Alien (Hostile Mob - Mars)
    - Green Boomer (Hostile Mob - Mars)
    - Valkyrie (Hostile Mob - Mars and Valhalla)
- Updated plugins to latest version

Thank you for reading, Lead Developer - Alphine PS: We apologize for any inconvenience for this new update. Release date: 03.03.2021

Last edited: 5 months ago