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Steam: AlphineGhost
Twitch: Alphine
Birthday: 1999-02-10
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4 months ago

Server Update

Update progress and news

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since our last update, but I want to let everyone know that we are still alive and developing an amazing server for everyone to enjoy! So here are some few things we can release!

Developer Updates

  • Updated the server to look more clean and slick
  • Added the system core and modules
    • Custom Server Fork with some performance enhancements
  • Added custom items
    • More foods
    • More tools
    • More Weapons
    • More Armors
  • Added Daily rewards
  • Added Custom Pause menu
    • NOTE MUST keep your GUI SCALE at '2'
  • Added a Server Tour
  • Added 3 new music discs
  • Added Custom in-game emojis
    • Do /emoji to see all the emojis
  • New messaging format
  • Updated Kits
  • Added custom donation plugins
    • Gives boosts and rewards to all the players when someone donates
  • Added more items in the store
  • Updated Tablist
  • Fixed combat logger
  • Fixed texturepack not loading in

and so much more!

We'll be releasing a tour to give you a bit more information on the server and then creating a wiki to explain what you can do with each item and how to craft them!

As for the development of the server, it's going very smoothly and we are going to release Season 3 on 03.03.2021! So be tuned for that release! As for the trailer, we plan on creating one for the server and allowing others to repost it on their channel on Youtube! The reward you'll gain (If shown proof) will be a Ultra Rare crate key with $18k of in-game cash! 


Big Things are happening! So be sure to tell your friends and spread the word!


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