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Steam: AlphineGhost
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3 months ago

Hello and welcome to a great new season where you can see that we made the impossible, possible. As you saw from the title of this news thread you'll need to know a few things before you get started. One thing first. The plan for Season 4 - 7 will grant players more freedom from our server while playing and we'll slowly transition into a "story-like" quest driven survival server. I'll explain after a few important information that you need to play.

Custom Texturepack

We have a custom texturepack that allows for custom items and blocks. Like custom ores and trees are all customized with a api that allows for use of user-made textures for 3D models and what not. So we are adding custom items and 3D models on every Seasonal update, but the most important item is the "Waterskin" item. We added a thirst system to the game, and if you run out of thirst you become slower and your hunger is consumed faster and then eventually die. You can craft this items, do "/iarecipe itemsadder:waterskin" to see how to craft it.


The new warping system is for your convenience. As players do tend to use a warp menu more often then a portal, we made it so you can warp to other worlds with our warp menu. However, there is a cost to use the world warps if you don't have the Premium pass (which can be bought in "/tokenshop"), the cost to use a world warp is 2 tokens per world warp. If you do happen to get the Premium pass the warping will be free, however, the portal at spawn called World Portal is free to use. That is the same to other portals for The End, and The Nether. 

Ranks and Website  

Now, you're probably wondering "Why do we use a website if we have a Discord?" Well to answer that, let me ask you a question to answer that question. What do you make a website for and why? That is reason. You also, if you link your discord in your profile settings, you can gain access to post resources and if you buy a rank Diamond or better you get access to post premium resources to make money on that! You'll also be able to be linked with the site in game as well.


Now for the plan for the Season 4 - 7, we plan on making this server more powerful to hold more players and gain more features and more servers to play on. Yes you heard me right, more servers to play on. We plan on a fully functional story mode but that will most likely be seen in Season 5 as the Seasons are going to be a lot longer. Also by that time, we hopefully would have our custom launcher and client released and ready to download by then.


All we need is you, the community, to help us become a survival server of the next generation. Your help, requests, reports, and donations will help the server a lot and allow us to create even better things then anyone else. 

Thank you for reading,
SMP Management

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