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This page contains helpful information to beginners in our server.
Our information includes a highly detailed How-to guide on how to start your adventure in the server! Here you can also go back when you don't understand something or that you need to rewatch something. Take a quick look at this video on how to use our website.


Break down of Features
There are some server features that you'll need to learn of before entering the world of adventure in our server. First thing is pvp and health. 

The PvP system is different from other pvp systems that you are use to, with this system you can gain rewards with what's call "KillStreaks"! Killstreaks is when you kill multiple players without getting killed. If you can kill 5 players you'll be rewarded with keys, and tokens. When you kill a player, their drops are ONLY limited to your UUID for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the drops are unlocked for anyone to pick up. This prevents unfair looting. You'll also be able to disable your pvp combat forever if you wish, however, if you try to kill a player with your combat off it will not work due to the system blocking that. You can't abuse the command either (/pvptoggle) as the cooldown for the command is 30 minutes. After that time you can turn it on again.

The PvP system allows allows for bounties, you can see the bounty command by doing /bounty. If and when you place a bounty on a player they will have the GLOW effect on them until the bounty is claimed or the bounty was canceled. There is a 15% fee for the bounties so choose wisely for your bounties.

To make the game more entertaining, we added a thirst system. Don't worry you won't die from thirst... unless you're stuck outside at night. There is a thirst bar, and if that bar is depleted, you'll get the slowness effect and it will make it harder for you to run and/or escape. So make sure you have plenty of Waterskins.

Custom Items
Custom items are added to the game like, custom trees, more bows, more armors, weapons, clocks, coffee, drinks, etc, etc. Many items have been added to the game. So be sure to read up on them to know what they are and how to gain these items.