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Welcome to SMP Survival!
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Getting Started
Want to learn how to get started in playing the server? This page will teach you how!
Welcome to our server, if you have not done so, please register on the site by clicking here: Click me If you have already done that, lets go ahead and start with the basics on how to play and how to get started.

Connection Information:
   Server Type: Survival
   Server Version: 1.16 - 1.16.5
   Edition: Java ONLY
   Ip Address:
   Cracked: NO
   Server Resource Pack: YES - ENABLED

Once you join the server you will be met a prompt asking you if you wanna download the server resourcepack, please select yes. Once you do that, you will be downloading and installing that resourcepack. Then you'll spawn here:

To start your adventure, we suggest that you do the beginner tour by clicking on this guy:  Once you find him, click on the npc to take you take you to the Tour World!
Once you enter the world you'll be met with this message:

If you noticed, there is a warning here that any an ALL items will be lost if you jump and die, as there is nothing but void there. Once you enter this world, find the npc above again that will be located in the middle of the map and up the stairs. You'll right-click the npc to start the Beginner tour. This will give you the basic run down on what to expect from our server. 

The Basics
So the basics of the server will be explained later on, if you have done the tour, you already have a basic understanding of the server and how it works. So lets go a little more in depth into the server and how these features work. 

By now, you must already know that the server has amazing features like more enchantments and custom items and blocks. So lets start with the new feature side of things. Starting with the first item you saw in the tour in-game is that there is a feature that allows you to show off your items in-game by typing [item] to show off the item in game, however there is more too it then just that. It will also show in discord, the item, enchantments, and how many uses it has left. You can also share your inventory by typing [inv] in chat. This will show your inventory in-game AND in discord, however it won't show the names and data in discord, just a picture. Also if you send a picture, not a link but upload only, it will show it in-game as well! More will be added as the game and seasons progress.

There are over 200+ enchantments added to the game and the only way to get them is from exploring and looting. You'll also find items enchanted in random areas with the custom enchantments. You can also gain enchantments by using the enchantment table as well. Click here to view the enchantments. More enchantments will be added as the server progresses and is added into the game. More details on the enchantments and they work will be in the Enchantment section of the wiki.

Custom Items
Custom items are possible with the texturepack that the server provides. This will enhance the game play and adds many new features to the server like thirst  which will give you Slowness this bar is depleted. To refill this bar, you must be able to craft a Waterskin where the crafting recipe can be found here: Click Me. You will be able to stack up to 64 of these items. There is also custom ores that you can find in the world and the chances and rarity are found here. There are many items which can be crafted and used, the best command to use to get a recipe of that item it do /iarecipe <namespace>:<itemname> for example: /iarecipe realcraft:waterskin will show you how to craft a waterskin item.